Frequently Asked Questions:




A Pike Township Community


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  How much are the annual dues?

The annual dues are $150.00 payable every January 1st and are subject to change yearly.  Send your payment to:

Guion Lakes HOA, PO Box 17094, Indianapolis, IN 46217  


Q.  How are the dues spent? 

The annual dues pay for pond treatments and insurance, as well as snow removal and mowing of Guion Road and 59th street DOT areas.

Q.  How can I get more involved?

You can volunteer for Crime Watch or Block Captain by completing the Crime Watch form.

Q.  Do you allow rentals or leasing?

No.  The covenants restrict renting and leasing.


Q.  Where can I get a copy of the covenants?

Under our Documents page or the Marion County Recorder's Office.